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2 KISS ME, LYNN Photos From Peru–Cusco!

We flew from Lima to Cusco.

The Andes  Coming into Cusco  Looking down on a portion of Cusco

Cusco was completely different from Lima, mainly because there was SUNSHINE instead of 100% cloud cover, the traffic was much more reasonable, and the city matched our expectations of what Peru would look like!

Above our part of town, showing yet another church and more tile roofs  Another example of the Spanish colonial architecture  Cusco--mountainside homes  One of Cusco's narrow streets, and the neighborhood on the hill above

We stayed at the Picoaga Hotel, with its beautiful courtyard and walkways overlooking the courtyard.  This is where Alex and Lynn danced.

The courtyard of our Cusco hotel  The hallway outside our room  Two kids admiring the fountain and fresh flowers in the courtyard  Another view of the courtyard from our room door

This is the corner room where Lynn and Sharon stayed, on the second floor.

Our courtyard again

That evening, we went to the Museo del Pisco, a couple of blocks from the hotel and across the plaza.  There, we made our own Pisco Sours then went downstairs to the big booth, and had some wonderful tapas, which included shrimp that were absolutely delicious!  Lynn went crazy over them, too!

Perfecting our shaker technique  Sampling the cuisine in the basement of El Museo de Pisco, along with our host Andrew Flowerdew.

The Coricancha.

The colonade surrounding the courtyard inside the Church of Santo Domingo, built atop the ruins of the Inca temple, Coricancha (Golden Courtyard)

Sacsahuaman.  Incredible Inca stonework!

Cusco--Sacsahuaman 3  Closer still  Cusco--Sacsahuaman 1

Qenko–Bird and Animal Sanctuary.  Linda with alpacas, a gorgeous bird, and an Andean condor about to stretch his wings!

Linda, feeding hungry llamas and alpacas  Linda, with a macaw, at the bird sanctuary  A reserve employee, Roy, and friend

The Caballos de Paso–“Dancing Horses.”

Part of the horse show we watched during our buffet lunch at Posada Tunupa


Continued on 3!

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