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A New Series of Romances Coming from Linda George!


It’s been years since I’ve added to this blog, but that changes now!  After having 5 novels and  68 NF books for children and teens published since 1996, I’m finally retired from writing NF and getting back to writing the stories I love.  Having dealt with more than 20 editors, a bunch of publishers, and having done more revisions than I ever want to do again, I’ve learned how to write.  Like many authors who are tired of dealing with traditional publishers, I’m turning to a more enjoyable way to get my stories to my readers.  I’m going to publish my romances through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing program.  They’ll be available for Kindle or for your computer, if you don’t have a Kindle.  And, they’ll also be available in paperback, for those of you who prefer holding an actual book in your hands and being able to flip back and forth while you read.

A graphic artist is working right now on getting the cover ready for my launch book on KDP–a sweet romance called KISS ME, CHLOE, which I’m hoping to have on Amazon by my birthday, April 10.  KISS ME CHLOE will be the first book in the Kiss Me series, followed by KISS ME, CINDY and KISS ME, FRAN coming later this year.

This summer, I know I’ll be setting a Kiss Me book in Peru.  Why?  Because my sweet husband, Chuck, and I are going to Peru the end of July!  We’re going to visit Lima, Cuzco, and Machu Picchu!  I promise I’ll have photos to share when we get back. 

This next week, we’re going somewhere just as romantic.  Our little piece of paradise in the NM mountains.  We call it Pine Ridge.  Nestled among pines, firs,and aspens is an RV that’s been there since my mother- and father-in-law bought the place 30+ years ago.  They sold it in 2004, when they were no longer able to spend their summers there as they had for more than 20 years.  And last April, when it came on the market again, Chuck and I knew we had to get it back in the family.  Here it is!


There’s no better place on earth to sit, read, sip a hot cuppa Cafe Vienna–or write!  We’ll be spending as much time there this year as possible, beginning with next week!  I’ll be putting the final polish on KISS ME, CHLOE, and before long, I’ll have part of the first chapter to share with you.

Chloe has run away from Houston–looking for a home that will nurture and love her instead of draining all the life from her.  She’s also looking for that special man who will put her first in his life, over a high-pressure job, who will allow her to be who she is and to live her dreams–and their dreams–instead of only his.  That excerpt is coming SOON!

So now you know that I’m back, and that I have wonderful, romantic stories to share with you.  When KISS ME, CHLOE is released in April, it will be FREE for the first few days.  I hope you’ll visit me here often so you’ll be able to take advantage of that offer!

Until next time…  And I promise it won’t be long….

Best always,

Linda George

KISS ME, CHLOE coming in April, 2013

FILL-IN-THE-BLANK PLOTTING Available NOW from Crickhollow Books.  Also from Amazon. (If you buy the book and like what you read, I’d appreciate your putting a positive review on the book’s Amazon page.  Thanks!)

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  1. Sheila #

    I’m right beside you, getting back into fiction! Will be looking forward to reading your new series. Let the good times roll!

    February 28, 2013
    • lindag22 #

      Thanks, Sheila! I’m looking forward to writing one novel after another again, the way I did when I was learning how to write! The difference now is that each one will take longer to write–because I know how! Hoping you and I can encourage each other on our works-in-progress!

      March 1, 2013

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