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Kiss Me, Lynn, by Linda George

KISS ME, LYNN, the second book in the Kiss Me Series by Linda George, is FREE on from May 1-5!


Below are photos from Linda’s tour of Peru–Lima, Cusco, the Sacred Valley of the Inca, and Machu Picchu–that will give the reader a unique insight to the places visited by Lynn and Alex in the book.

KISS ME, LYNN is released as E-book


At last! KISS ME, LYNN—-Book 2 of the Kiss Me Series—- has been released and is on Amazon now, in e-book format!

Lynn Hanson and her best friend, Sharon, join a tour group going to Peru during the summer break from teaching. They’ll visit Lima, Cusco, the Sacred Valley of the Inca, and Machu Picchu, the famous lost city that is now considered one of the Wonders of the World! As a high school World History teacher, Lynn is thrilled to be able to experience the land where the Inca lived, but most of all to be part of their crowning achievement–Machu Picchu.

Before they leave, though, Lynn’s mother begins acting strangely–forgetting simple things, leaving home and being unable to find her way back–symptoms that point to Alzheimer’s–but a neurologist thinks there could be another cause for her behavior. While on the tour, Lynn and Sharon receive e-mail updates from Lynn’s father that are increasingly upsetting, but there’s nothing Lynn can do from Peru! She receives comfort from the entire group, and also from their handsome Peruvian guide, Alex Vereau, who is drawn to Lynn as more than a turista, even more than a special friend.

Lynn feels the attraction, too, but how could they ever have a relationship when they live in different countries–on different continents! Every day brings disturbing news from home, and even stronger feelings between Lynn and Alex. How can she tell him good-bye? How can he let her go?

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Cover Design by Carrie Peters Spencer



TOM’S ANGEL is released as E-Book

Tom's Angel Cover--large                KML_lg


Hello!  It’s been too long since I’ve stopped by  I hope to visit more often this year.  During my long silence, though, I’ve been busy writing new books!  The covers for my two early 2014 releases are above.  Let me tell you a little about each book.

My new historical romance, Tom’s Angel, will be available for purchase on Amazon this weekend! And there’s something really special about this book! It’s a sequel to a novel I published long ago for Harlequin Historiclas–Gabriel’s Heart, written under my pseudonym Madeline George. Gabriel’s Heart  is currently available in e-book format from HH, so if you haven’t read the first book in this series, you can still get it! There will be four novels in this series. I’ll let you know when to look for Will’s Lady and Bo’s Fancy.

Tom’s Angel

Tom McCabe has been asked by his father to go to Ft. Worth to escort a young woman back to Denver. When Tom gets to the house where this young woman lives, he is shocked by its location. What kind of woman lives among prostitutes?

Rosalie Kincannon lives in the infamous Hell’s Half Acre, where “soiled doves” ply their trade in saloons and dance halls. Rosalie’s father, William, owns the Yellow Rose and relies on Rosalie to serve as nurse and midwife to the women who work there. The women call her “an angel to the soiled doves.”
Rosalie promised her mother she would never become one of the women she cares for, that she’d be a “proper lady.” But Rosalie has never had an opportunity to leave the Acre and pursue a life of her own with a husband and children.

When her father uses her as a bet in a card game—and loses—she is suddenly faced with being indentured to a vile man from Denver whose intentions toward her are anything but “proper.”

When Tom arrives at Rosalie’s door, he is shocked to find a lady whose life in the Acre is truly hell. He vows to find a way to release her from the indenture, so her dream of being a proper lady will be achieved. But there are other problems standing in his way that involve his father and his two brothers, Will and Bo and the McCabe Ranch he’s called home all his life.

Tom never dreamed he’d find the woman destined to share his life in Hell’s Half Acre. He had to come to hell to find an angel.

Cover design by Carrie Peters Spencer,


Kiss Me, Lynn

This is the second novel in the Kiss Me Series that began with Kiss Me, Chloe last April. This novel is special to me because the setting is (surprise!) Machu Picchu! The novel is doubly special because our wonderful tour guide, Alex Vereau, gave me permission to use his name, his photo, and bits and pieces of stories he told us about his career as a guide. That’s Alex on the cover, above a photo I took of Machu Picchu with bromeliads blooming in the foreground. I’ll be telling you more as the book’s release gets closer. My goal, while telling you Alex and Lynn’s story, is to give you a feeling of what it’s like to be at Machu Picchu, the sacred city of the Inca.

I promised photos of our amazing trip to Machu Picchu last July and I promise they’ll be posted soon!   We took more than 2000 photos during the twelve days we toured Lima, Cusco, the Sacred Valley of the Inca, and Machu Picchu and it’s taken months to get them cropped and labeled and put in order.  At last, I’ll be able to share them with you.  They’ll be posted sometime next week, so please check back to get a glimpse of our amazing experience of walking where the Inca walked, seeing what the Inca saw, and feeling their presence in the only place the Spanish didn’t find and destroy.  Machu Picchu has been named one of the Wonders of the World.  After being there, I agree with that designation 100%



Kiss Me, Chloe for Sale on Amazon!

Hello, everyone!  Mercy but it’s been a busy two weeks!  I put the finishing touches on Kiss Me, Chloe, sent it to my pre-publication readers for proofing and reviewing, entered changes (typos, etc) and PUBLISHED the book on my birthday, April 10, just as I’ve been planning to do for months!  The reviews will be appearing over the course of this next week.  If you’ve read the book and enjoyed it, I’ll appreciate your putting a review on the book’s page on Amazon.  The link to that page is on this website, along with the cover and the description.  And this past week, our six-year-old grandson, Joey, was here during his spring break from Kindergarten in New Mexico.  Talk about a busy week!  In between bike rides and movies and trips to the park, I was working on Kiss Me, Chloe.  No matter what else is happening, writers keep writing.

By Tuesday, I knew it was time to stop writing, though.  It’s something all writers know and something we all incorporate into the writing of our books.  The writer is too close to the book to be completely objective.  And, the writer is too close to catch all the picky errors!  In “Kiss Me, Chloe” I had her putting on tennis shoes, then later that day kicking off her sandals!  Two of my readers noticed and let me know so I could correct that picky little error and get a corrected version of the book on Amazon.

My proofreaders also catch little typos that I haven’t caught, even though I’ve read the book over and over during the writing.  I get caught up in the story and my eyes skim over those typos, time after time.

I write my books in layers.  When I’m writing the first draft, I get the story written without worrying about typos, inconsistencies, description, or anything other than getting the beginning, middle, and end of the story finished.  Then, comes the real writing.  Layer by layer, I go through and insert descriptions, emotional reactions, additional dialogue, and subplots.  By the time I start polishing, and seeing the final draft in my mind, I’ve probably added ten layers to that first draft.  The final book is much richer and more finely written than the first.

That’s what separates a professional writer from a casual writer.  Rewriting.  I might spend an hour on a few paragraphs, or maybe only a few minutes correcting inconsistencies, like the tennis shoes turning into sandals!  Other times, I may decide to revise the plot completely.  I may add a new character, or a new piece of action that will enable my readers to know the characters better and to think of them as real people.

There’s also a reality that all writers are familiar with.  The book is never really finished.  No matter how many times I reread what I’ve written, I’ll find changes to make.  When I realize that the changes I’m making are putting the words back to where they were two changes ago, it’s time to stop tinkering and declare the book finished.  For the time being, anyway.  Then, my pre-publication readers take over the proofing process.  I make the changes those readers find–but I try not to reread the whole book, or I’ll start tinkering again.

Yes, it takes months to write a 60,000-word book.  But it’s worth every minute I spend to know that the story I’ve told seems like a slice of real life to my readers.

I hope you’ll check out the Amazon page for Kiss Me, Chloe.  If it sounds like a book you’d like, I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Click here to order Kiss Me, Chloe.


Plotting My Novel – Kiss Me, Chloe

Kiss Me, Chloe, by Linda George

While going through this book to polish and make the last tweakings, I realized I wasn’t happy with the ending.  It just didn’t have the punch I wanted–the punch that I try to put into all my romances.  It didn’t have enough PLOT.

The answer to this dilemma, of course, was to test the plot using the method I described in my book  Fill-in-the-Blank Plotting, published by Crickhollow Books, which is available on Amazon: Fill-in-the-Blank Plotting

Fill-in-the-Blank Plotting, by Linda George

I pulled out my plotting boards,  with the 12 steps of the Hero’s Journey on one board, and chapter numbers divided into the Three-Act Structure on the other. I went through the novel and wrote the key scenes on cards and placed them into the steps of the Hero’s Journey.  Then, I moved all those cards to the Three-Act Structure board.

It was easy to see, once the cards were in the Three-Act Structure, that the plot had big holes in it!  There simply wasn’t enough plot in the last quarter of the book–where the climax of the story occurs.  I had to rewrite the last fourth of the book, inserting a subplot that would put Chloe into a position of having to choose between “the lesser of two evils.”  This decision hits the reader as hard as it hits Chloe, and it casts doubt on what Chloe will have to do to make it all work out for the best.

This book uses a tried-and-true romance novel premise–one woman, two men.  Chloe has to choose between Greg and Kyle.  In the original version,  Chloe–no matter who she chose–would’ve felt bad about rejecting the other man.  That simply won’t work in a romance.  And yet, there have to be good qualities in each man to create doubt in the reader’s mind about who she’s going to choose.  By inserting a harrowing decision, which puts Chloe into the position of having to make her choice based entirely on love, I knew the reader would agonize along with her–wondering the whole time how it would work out, and hoping for the happy ending all romances are required to have.

That’s the magic of the Hero’s Journey combined with the Three-Act Structure, with the elements of the plot displayed on a board where it’s easy to see the gaps in the story–and how to fill those gaps.

I’m exceptionally pleased now with the ending of this book.

I think you’ll be pleased, too.

Kiss Me, Chloe – Coming Soon!

Kiss Me, Chloe, by Linda George


by Linda George

Coming April, 2013

Enough!  Chloe Lewellyn had set aside all her hopes and dreams long enough!  All she wanted now was to escape from Houston, and from Greg, whose career would always come first.  She wanted a new life, and, in time, a new love who would put her first in his life and allow her to be the person she wanted to be.

Kyle Stanton spied her sitting alone in a crowded restaurant in Albuquerque.  Somehow, he knew from the moment he saw her sad expression that this woman, whose heart had  been shattered, held the key to the happiness that had eluded him.  How could he convince her to give love another chance?  The answer lay in the Rocky Mountains. . . .

Cover Art by Carrie Spencer at Cheeky Covers