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High Country Paradise!

We’ve been in high country–8000 ft.–near Cloudcroft, NM for four days now.  Two more days to go before we have to go home and back to the real world.  Our little piece of paradise is named Pine Ridge, and someday we’ll live here most of the year.  This morning, we fed 16 deer, 20 turkeys, squirrels, chipmunks, and lots of birds.

While here, we’ve slept late, eaten whenever the urge has hit us, read for pleasure, and done some housekeeping chores, like organizing and cleaning out closets and drawers.  Chuck loves working here and enjoys it immensely.  Our rule is that we do whatever we want to do while we’re here.  I mostly want to sit on our covered deck, watch birds and deer and turkeys, and read.

This is also a wonderful place to write!  I’m getting closer to having KISS ME, CHLOE edited and revised and ready to publish in April, and I’m finding out the best ways to promote the book.  The cover and a book description will be on my new website, before long, along with information about other books you might be interested in checking out.

I’ve found that being on a mountain, surrounded by pines, firs, and mountain animals is the best way for my mind to rest.  It’s only when a writer’s mind is truly at rest that the writing flows without restrictions.

I hope you’re having a wonderful March!  Please check back frequently!  I promise I’ll be adding new blogs and photos several times a week!

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