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Kiss Me, Chloe

Kiss Me, Chloe, by Linda George

(Book One of the Kiss Me Series)
by Linda George
eBook edition published April 10, 2013
Romance / Contemporary
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Enough! Chloe Lewellyn had set aside all her hopes and dreams long enough.

All she wanted now was to escape from Houston, and from Greg, whose career would always come first.  She wanted a new life, and, in time, a new love who would put her first in his life and allow her to be the person she wanted to be.

Kyle Stanton spied her sitting alone in a crowded restaurant in Albuquerque. Somehow, he knew from the moment he saw her sad expression that this woman, whose heart had  been shattered, held the key to the happiness that had eluded him. How could he convince her to give love another chance?

The answer lay in the Rocky Mountains. . . .

Kiss Me, Chloe is a sweet contemporary romance novel, set in Ouray, Colorado, high in the beautiful San Juan mountains.

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