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KISS ME, LYNN Photos from Peru!

12. Larco Museum

      I promised in Kiss Me, Lynn to post photos from our tour of Lima, Cusco, the Sacred Valley of the Inca, and Machu Picchu in my blog so readers can see the places toured in the book.  Let’s start with Lima!

We flew into Lima and stayed at the Casa Andina Hotel.  Here’s the lobby:

1. Lobby of Casa Andina Miraflores--Lima    Part of Lima hotel lobby

This is the view from our room, which Lynn and Sharon see their first morning in Lima:

2, The fabulous view from our Lima hotel room.  Just kidding!

First stop in Lima was Pachacamac, and the Pyramid of the Sun.  There are the Peruvian dogs dressed in sweaters, to keep them warm during the winter.

4. Temple of the Sun--Pachacamac  3. Temple of the Sun--Pachacamac  5. Lima--Pachacamac--dogs in sweaters

Here are some photos of the city of Caral, where there are eight pyramids older than the pyramids on the Giza Plateau in Egypt:

More stonework--probably the foundation for a small pyramid temple  7. Two of Caral's pyramids.  The plastic covers current archaeological digs.    8. Looking toward the peak of La Huanca, from one of the corners of the pyramid Close-up of restored stonework in amphitheater


This is the restaurant at Barranca that won the contest for “best ceviche.”  You’ll see the television in the corner with the loop of the owner receiving the award.  The restaurant was right on the coast.

9. Lima--Barranca--table and tv  10. A view of the Pacific Ocean from Barranco  11. Barranca, on the Pacific Coast


This is the Larco Museum, where Lynn and Sharon and the group had lunch before touring the pre-Inca artifcats:

12.  Larco Museum   13. Incredible bougainveillas at the entrance to the Larco complex  14.  Looking across the garden from the museum entrance toward the restaurant  15. Connie Lamm in the Larco garden  16. Yet another view of this incredible display!

Here are some of the thousands of vessels housed in the museum:

Just a few of the thousands of Moche pots that have been unearthed  Moche pots depicting agricultural products like gourds

This is a kipu–a counting device used by the Inca to count livestock, crops, and even people:

Quipu--the string and knot accounting system that pre-dated the Inca


From Lima, we flew to Cusco!



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