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Kiss Me, Lynn

Kiss Me, Lynn, by Linda George

(Book Two of the Kiss Me Series)
by Linda George
eBook edition published April 21, 2014
Romance / Contemporary
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Lynn Hanson and her best friend, Sharon, join a tour group going to Peru during the summer break from teaching. They’ll visit Lima, Cusco, the Sacred Valley of the Inca, and Machu Picchu, the famous lost city that is now considered one of the Wonders of the World!

As a high school World History teacher, Lynn is thrilled to be able to experience the land where the Inca lived, but most of all to be part of their crowning achievement–Machu Picchu.

Before they leave, though, Lynn’s mother begins acting strangely–forgetting simple things, leaving home and being unable to find her way back–symptoms that point to Alzheimer’s–but a neurologist thinks there could be another cause for her behavior.

While on the tour, Lynn and Sharon receive e-mail updates from Lynn’s father that are increasingly upsetting, but there’s nothing Lynn can do from Peru! She receives comfort from the entire group, and also from their handsome Peruvian guide, Alex Vereau, who is drawn to Lynn as more than a turista, even more than a special friend.

Lynn feels the attraction, too, but how could they ever have a relationship when they live in different countries–on different continents! Every day brings disturbing news from home, and even stronger feelings between Lynn and Alex.

How can she tell him good-bye? How can he let her go?

Kiss Me, Lynn is a sweet contemporary romance novel, set in high in the Andes of Peru.

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