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Silver Lady

Silver Lady, historical romance by Linda George

Silver Lady
by Linda George
Historical Romance
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In 1882, Kate Mathison finds herself alone on a journey of hundreds of miles, headed for the mining town of Silverton, Colorado. Without an escort, she knows she’ll never make it.

So she hires Drew Kingman to take her there, promising her father will pay him when they arrive. This journey is Kate’s only chance to ever have a decent life.

And, knowing she’s destined to be an old maid, Drew Kingman is probably the only man she’ll ever be alone with. The time they spend together will be time she’ll remember always.

The last thing Drew Kingman wants to do is escort some fool woman halfway across the continent, with a man intent on killing him hot on his trail. But there’s something about Kate Mathison that draws him to her. She’s got heart and determination, and he’s been missing both in his life for far too long.

Before long, he knows that the hardest thing on this journey will be telling her good-bye.


Linda George has been a professional writer for more than 30 years, with more than 70 books to her credit. Her titles include fiction and nonfiction, for children, teens, and adults. Linda lives in West Texas with her husband, Charles, who is also an author.


This historical romance was originally published in 2007 by Five Star Expressions, in hard cover. Now, the book is available in its entirety in e-book format, exclusively for Amazon Kindle.

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