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What a Thrill!

The 5-day free download promotion is over and I have to say I’ve been blown away by the response!  About 3500 readers took advantage of the 5-day free download promotion and downloaded the book.  Since the end of the promotion, close to 300 more readers have bought the book. 

When the reviews for Kiss Me, Chloe started coming in, I couldn’t believe what some readers said.  Here are a few of their comments that made me feel all warm and fuzzy:

Best love story ever!

By Jessica Bowers

“Kiss Me, Chloe” is a sweet story about finding true love when you least expect it….

“This book was so enchanting the way these two are brought together and the trials they are put through to show them it is meant to be. The author really depicted a picture with her words, describing the wonderful views of Ouray, and the wonderful people that the characters came to know. It is a romantic story with realistic views on true love and how two people can be brought together by destiny. This book had me pulled in from the first page. The story is silly at the right moment and will have you rooting for Kyle to win Chloe’s heart. “Kiss Me, Chloe” is a must read for anyone who believes in true love.

Loved this book. . .

By GumboMom  

I absolutely loved this book. It was a sweet romance story that showed some of the struggles one would have after a bad relationship. Some of the fears that Chloe had were real and kept her from wanting to repeat those same mistakes again. I loved how patient Kyle was and how he continually showed her all the little ways he cared like just listening to her and being concerned for her well-being.

I can’t I wait for more in the series. I hope I won’t have to wait long!

An absolute delight!

By Charlotte B.

This is a delightful book. It’s a sweet romance set in one of my favorite places, Ouray, Colorado. Fond memories of my trips to that part of Colorado came to mind while reading this book. The places that Chloe travels through to get to Ouray come alive as she makes her way to her new life. The characters are intelligent. The dialogue is smart and funny. You won’t find any graphic language or sex in this novel which is a breath of fresh air in this day and age. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this book to my 17 yea- old granddaughter. I look forward to reading the next book in the Kiss Me series.


By Sheila K. Wyborny

This is a heartwarming story of reassessing and reinventing. Chloe has chosen to step out of her city—and her comfort zone—and away from the dregs of an unhealthy relationship. She learns that a real relationship is one in which the hopes and dreams of BOTH partners are valued. Strong characters, a believable story, and a beautiful setting. Great work, Linda George

Kiss Me, Chloe is a sweet romance.

By Allison Williams

When Chloe finally realizes her workaholic, always-putting-off-marriage-until-the-next-promotion, high school sweetheart is not the same guy she fell in love with, she begins a journey to find herself. While trying to be perfect to please Greg, she has somehow lost herself. She packed her things and left hot and humid Houston, Texas for the cool peaks of Colorado to reevaluate her life. Kiss Me, Chloe is set in Ouray, Colorado, which is one of my favorite places. The characters are believable, down-to-earth people. The reader can connect each one with someone they have known. I love the fact that the romance is sweet and wholesome, rather than hot and steamy. While feelings of desire surface, it doesn’t make you blush to think someone could be reading over your shoulder.


Know what these reviews, along with all the others, made me want to do?  The happy dance, of course.  But more than that, these readers (and all the others) who took time to tell me how much they enjoyed the book made me want to get busy immediately writing the second book in the Kiss Me Series, which will be Kiss Me, Cindy.  And after that will be Kiss Me, Margaret.  Then Kiss me, Fran.  I won’t be able to write them fast enough!

Many thanks to everyone who read Kiss Me, Chloe and to those who said they can’t wait to read the next book in the series, I’m going to do my best to get it published by August instead of October.  You’ve inspired me!  I promise I won’t make you wait too long for another story from the Kiss Me Series.

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